Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wow, has it really been two weeks since I blogged last. I can't believe that. Been real busy and been real sick. Can't get rid of this cough it is driving me nuts, some say its a short drive. Just been applying for jobs and trying to keep the household running when Brenda isn't here. Kids had spring break last week.
We really didn't do anything special. Jon starts night school tomorrow. I hope this is the kick he needs to get his education in line. Really quiet in the house today, everyone is at church. I felt to sick to go. Spring is sprining everywhere.
Plants in the window sill are going nuts, Spring plants outside are all growing including the radishes I planted last week. I forsee , God willing, a plentiful harvest this year of fresh veggies. I have lots to do to make some stuff happen. have a whole area I need to dig up and get prepared for some new short grasses.
Have a rasied bed I want to make and also need to roto tiller the corn area. So This next week I need to get on it and keep you updated on here as I do it.
So until next time I am keeping the faith and trusting God

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