Saturday, March 27, 2010

Days 9,10 and 11 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Been a couple of crazy days. Just looking for a job on Thursday. Took library books back to the library. Met Brenda for Breakfast at McDonalds, took some stuff over to church to get ready for Holy Week and went to the Little Flower food bank. Came home and relaxed after that. Was not feeling real well.

On Friday, My dad and mom Wohlford came up from Wabash. It was a suprise for Brenda. I know they were coming and bringing a little food but she had no clue. After a hard start to the day (Jon didnt want to get out of bed) We ended up having a great day. Dad and Mom brought up tons of food, by the time we got the SUV unloaded it was time to text Brenda and see if she wanted to meet me for lunch at McDonalds. Of course she was unaware of what was going on and said yes.
You should have seen her face when my Parents and I pulled up to McDonalds. After lunch I took dad and mom over to The Habitat store and dad found an awning he had been wanting for little or no money. Then I took them over to Value Center Big and Tall, (My little brother is a giant) We went to save a lot and of course they bought more food for us. Came home and talked till it was time for them to leave. It was a great day to take off of job searching and showing the rents the town.

In the evening we relaxed around the house and ate sloppy joes.

Saturday we got up and took the kids to dodgeball, Brenda and I walked the mall for some exercise. I have gained so much weight back ( I am a fat pig) After that we went to a Bethel Softball game. Too cold to stay, plus Sarah decided to spill a coke on my backseat. We stayed for two inings and came home to relax a little. Got the mail and mom Gravley had sent us a check for what ever we needed.

Other than that not much has happened.

Still keeping the faith and trusting God.

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