Saturday, March 27, 2010

Days 9,10 and 11 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

Been a couple of crazy days. Just looking for a job on Thursday. Took library books back to the library. Met Brenda for Breakfast at McDonalds, took some stuff over to church to get ready for Holy Week and went to the Little Flower food bank. Came home and relaxed after that. Was not feeling real well.

On Friday, My dad and mom Wohlford came up from Wabash. It was a suprise for Brenda. I know they were coming and bringing a little food but she had no clue. After a hard start to the day (Jon didnt want to get out of bed) We ended up having a great day. Dad and Mom brought up tons of food, by the time we got the SUV unloaded it was time to text Brenda and see if she wanted to meet me for lunch at McDonalds. Of course she was unaware of what was going on and said yes.
You should have seen her face when my Parents and I pulled up to McDonalds. After lunch I took dad and mom over to The Habitat store and dad found an awning he had been wanting for little or no money. Then I took them over to Value Center Big and Tall, (My little brother is a giant) We went to save a lot and of course they bought more food for us. Came home and talked till it was time for them to leave. It was a great day to take off of job searching and showing the rents the town.

In the evening we relaxed around the house and ate sloppy joes.

Saturday we got up and took the kids to dodgeball, Brenda and I walked the mall for some exercise. I have gained so much weight back ( I am a fat pig) After that we went to a Bethel Softball game. Too cold to stay, plus Sarah decided to spill a coke on my backseat. We stayed for two inings and came home to relax a little. Got the mail and mom Gravley had sent us a check for what ever we needed.

Other than that not much has happened.

Still keeping the faith and trusting God.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 8 Wednesday

Some have accused me of being Whiney on here. Telling me no one wants to hear my problems. If you don't want to hear it stop reading right now. I am not putting stuff on here to whine but to let you know what I am going through so you can pray and so that others can learn from my struggles.
Wednesday morning, looked on the internet and didn't find any additional jobs. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I do know this is all in God's plan so I am not doing anything in vain. I pray and try to follow God's leading.
Ran to the library to return Brendas library books and my CD's.
Still waiting on word on the checks, praying it happens soon. We did manage to get enough for rent for the next two weeks. unemployment will hopefully start soon.
Worked on slides for Sunday and then went to church to work in the childrens department and get things together for worship on Sunday. Watched Paige Miles get kicked off American Idol last night. Next week is R&B and Soul, that will be so excellent.

Today have numerous things on my plate, hope I can get half of them done. Until next time I am keeping the faith and trusting in God.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 7 - Its a Tuesday

So I am trying to learn this new song on guitar that has really been speaking to me. It is a little known artist by the name of Chris Brehe from his "In You" album the name of the song is "Praise You." It reminds me that we need to praise God in all things.

Yesterday is a real blur because of the depression that I am dealing right now. My family has been great through out this whole process, telling me that none of it is my fault. I just have been feeling less than a man for not being able to support my family.

Went to Voice ministries in Elkhart for their food bank first thing in the morning, can go there once a week. also it was seed day so I got tons of seeds for the garden. then I went to library in the morning and looked at the Elkhart Truth want ads from Sunday, absolutly biggest waste of time. Did find some jobs online that I sent resumes' in for. 4 of them total. I least I have made my minnimum for the Unemployment, I would much rather have a job so I can pay rent and electricity. With not being able to cash checks I keep falling farther and farther behind. God is good and I am working on His time schedule, not mine.

Planning onworking on some writing projects that I have been putting off once this whole check isue is resolved.

Last night made Pasta and then found out no one was hungry, so I will revamp with a little cheese in the oven for Thursday night and supper is made.

Watched American Idol and if Paige Miles doesn't go home on Wednesday I will be really suprised. Went to bed after that. Brenda has been dealing with a lot of back pain issues again, please pray for her.

Until next time "Keep the faith and Trust in God."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 6 Its a Monday

Spent the morning with Brenda. Started the day off running to McDonalds and ordering off the dollar menu and then Brenda had to get some spanish books so we went over to the Western Avenue Saint Joseph County Library to get those. Walked around a Spanish market on Western also, very nice store.

I really enjoyed the one on one time with Brenda yesterday Morning. We then headed over to Bethel as she had a class at 1:00 pm. I stayed in the little coffee shop on campus and read the paper and talked basketball.

No, in case you are wondering, I couldnt cash my checks yet. It really is making me quite upset. maybe on Tuesday, we will see.

Came home in the afternoon and did job searching on the computer. Made breakfast for supper (Fried taters, scrambled eggs and sausage ,links)

relaxed while watching Chuck, Trauma and then Law and Order. While watching I also did job searches on line.

God does have a plan, I am waiting for Him to reveal it to me.

Until then I will keep the faith and trust in God.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greetings, it is Monday morning and I am here to recap the day yesterday.

In the morning we went to church and I spent a great morning with the Lord. The worship music seemed to hit true and others problems that were prayed for made mine look so small. I know God is there and that He is working on my behalf. I know that and I praise Him during these difficult times.

In case you were wondering... the sign in the picture has not been altered in anyway. Saturday my son and I were going to get his game polished and had to turn around to take this picture. I understand from friends on facebook that it read -142 in the early morning hours. That is just crazy, BTW my facebook address is!/wolf4d
Yesterday, job surch wise was a bust. Only found one job that I am only a little qualified for. SO I will send that out today. After church we went over to the inlaws for turkey roast (gotta love meals with high sodium and low nutritional content) then came home. about an hour into job searching and relaxing my 16 year old announced that his Xbox 360 wasn't reading any discs, this is the xbox 360 we got less than a month ago. (The 2nd used system from game stop).
they exchanged it without any problem and carried the warranty over to the new system and it seems to work fine.
Came home and read the paper and looked for jobs. That is were I found the one job that I am just barely qualified. Did manage to see part of the Notre Dame womens game, watched Purdue win (Boiler up). Last night watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition (and cried), watched Undercover Boss (every CEO needs to do this activity with or without cameras) and then went to bed.
Today I am spending the morning with my wife and I let you know about that tomorrow.Until then keep the faith and trust in God.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 4 - Saturday

A Great an Glorious Sunday morning to you.
I did get a little sleep last night as a result of a sleep aid. Yesterday morning after Brenda got out of bed we went to the Library and came home. While Brenda and her mom went to the store to do some grocery shopping (Her first time with a fist full of coupons) I stayed home a went though the online mess called . of the 840 some jobs in my area only about 100 of them were real jobs, the rest were these work at home crap. What a waste of time to weed through all those. also tried a few of the job sites that I used 5 years ago to hunt for jobs. Some take you over to national, better known sites now. (Must have been boughten out) while others are no longer employment sites at all.
In the afternoon, while looking at employment sites I also enjoyed some NCAA basketball, both mens and womens. Late afternoon evening I fixed supper for the family (hotdogs and baked beans) and then we sat down and watched Uncle Buck.
Overall not a productive day. I didn't mention that the in-laws and my kids dog Billy ended up with a bloody paw yesterday morning. So Brenda and I went over and wrapped that with an ace wrap until it quit bleeding and Jon and I did manage to sneek out of the house to have his NCAA XBox 360 game buffed over at Media Mad House and ran over to Walmart to get a couple cleaning sponges and some ice cream bars.
So today Is another day. I file my unemployment claim, and try to find another job.
until next time Keep the faith and trust in God.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 3 - Its a Friday

So, not a lot job wise yesterday. I looked at my usual sources and it doesn't seem as if anything new has been added. I connected with a few friends to see if they knew of anyone that was hiring.

In the morning I took Jon to school, when we got there, there was an ambulance, a couple of squad cars and a command unit at Penn High School. (Still don't know what happened)

Came home and worked on updating my Resume' for awhile and then headed over to Elkhart on County Road 10. It seemed that someone (According to Craigs list) had 6 loads of firewood they were giving away. It was posted late Thursday night, by the time I got there it was gone. Just looking for some free wood for the fire pit this summer.

Brenda and I had planned to meet for lunch yesterday. (99 cent Quarter Pounders) but I still had some time to kill so I popped in on an old friend at Habitat resell shop on McKinley. I had not been there since they had moved. If you can't find it construction wise at Habitat you wont be able to find it. Great prices and great merchandise, you really need to check it out.

Brenda and I met for lunch and then I went to the south side of South Bend to see if I could cash these checks. You guessed it, they are not cashable as of yet. I can't even cash them at Walmart because this guy has passed too many bad checks. Please keep praying.

When I got home from that extravaganza I worked a little on the front flower garden. Last year I had an issue with my lillies and my iris's falling on my shorter flowers up front. so I drove a couple of stakes in the ground, screwed in metal eyes and went to run my wire. My wire was missing, I probably spent a good half hour looking for it. Finally gave up and went to my local hardware store "Hardware Plus", they had a wire solution for me that cost a dollar and came with its own cutter. So then I got the wire ran.

I came inside and finsihed my resume', the kids and Brenda came home from their day. Sarah babysat for some neighbors, its sad to think that my 14 year is the only one of the family that is working right now. Makes me feel about this high. (as I take my finger and thumb and show you they are about 2 inches apart)

In the evening we went over to the inlaws for supper and came home to relax. officially my NCAA bracket is shot. I had Marquette going all the way. My 16 year old son however has called the upsets and as far as I know (as of 10 last night) he was still perfect. Makes me sick.

Today is another day, and God is in charge of it. Not going to get much done out side, snow is predicted. So until next time , keep the faith and trust in God.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Day 2 -AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Last night I slept like a pig on a spit. I tossed and turned more than someone that cooks hamburgers at McDonalds. In other words another short night. Yesterday was interesting but it took me away from a lot of job search opportunities.

The day started with my son not feeling well and requested going to school late. So I took the rest of the trash out and cleaned up the yard a little bit. Its nice to see the bulbs I planted last fll are starting to come up. There is one area that I dont see any activity yet. Went to the library for awhile and parused the classifieds of area newspapers.

After getting my son to school I went shopping at Meijer (Someone from church gave us some gift cards) got some toilet paper and toothpaste and the kids the pop that "they can't live without" Put some gas in the blazer and came home.

With this I called the old office every 4 hours to see if I could cash my check or not. Not yet!!!!

Frustrated, depressed needing to depend on my God. I just got done reading "Shut up, stop whining and get a life." by Larry Winget and part of me just doesnt get. Great helpful hints but wow, how can I do that now. I also started a notebook on my job search so I know where I have applied and that way I can let you know what is going on.

In the afternoon I posted a resume on and sent resume's to a blind ad in the Elkharrt Truth for a sales coordinator adn sent a resume and application to Notre Dame for the office coordinator for The Observer.

I am praying I find a position in which I don't have to shave my beard.

Had frozen pizzas for supper and took a relaxing walk with my bride last night. We have snow on the way and we were trying to enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps before that happens.

Until tomorrow "Keep the faith and trust in God."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One

A lot of people have told me that losing my job is not all a bad thing, I tell them I didnt lose it. I know where it is, I just don't have it anymore. Yesterday morning, after numerous bounced checks from my employer (About $2,000 of back pay) I told him that it was getting old. He called me into the office and told me he couldn't afford me any longer, gave me a final check (which I can't cash yet) and sent me on my way. The nice thing is I dont have to listen to the customers yelling in my ear and threatening to sue because they have not recieved there product they ordered in May of last year. This was going on from day one. Somehow through it all I managed to sell almost $100,000 in Fiber Optic trailers (That is 5 of them in 2 months, without any type of training) So at 10:00 a.m. I was let go yesterday, so was the sales coordinator that was upset about her money. I went to the unemployment office, oops sorry after an hour and a half there you would think I realized it was Work One. Signed up for unemployemnt and got in their system. I checked on a resume' that I had sent to Abi Absolute, they had already filled that position.

I then came home and started the job search on the interet. One of the better sights in Indiana is . Went to church last night and worked with the children and came home to watch america Idol. Not really happy with who went home. It should have been Tim Urban. More about today, tomorrow. I will be posting a day behind. I feel this way I can let the events of the previous day sink in. So until tomorrow, Keep the faith and trust in God