Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day One

A lot of people have told me that losing my job is not all a bad thing, I tell them I didnt lose it. I know where it is, I just don't have it anymore. Yesterday morning, after numerous bounced checks from my employer (About $2,000 of back pay) I told him that it was getting old. He called me into the office and told me he couldn't afford me any longer, gave me a final check (which I can't cash yet) and sent me on my way. The nice thing is I dont have to listen to the customers yelling in my ear and threatening to sue because they have not recieved there product they ordered in May of last year. This was going on from day one. Somehow through it all I managed to sell almost $100,000 in Fiber Optic trailers (That is 5 of them in 2 months, without any type of training) So at 10:00 a.m. I was let go yesterday, so was the sales coordinator that was upset about her money. I went to the unemployment office, oops sorry after an hour and a half there you would think I realized it was Work One. Signed up for unemployemnt and got in their system. I checked on a resume' that I had sent to Abi Absolute, they had already filled that position.

I then came home and started the job search on the interet. One of the better sights in Indiana is . Went to church last night and worked with the children and came home to watch america Idol. Not really happy with who went home. It should have been Tim Urban. More about today, tomorrow. I will be posting a day behind. I feel this way I can let the events of the previous day sink in. So until tomorrow, Keep the faith and trust in God

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