Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 3 - Its a Friday

So, not a lot job wise yesterday. I looked at my usual sources and it doesn't seem as if anything new has been added. I connected with a few friends to see if they knew of anyone that was hiring.

In the morning I took Jon to school, when we got there, there was an ambulance, a couple of squad cars and a command unit at Penn High School. (Still don't know what happened)

Came home and worked on updating my Resume' for awhile and then headed over to Elkhart on County Road 10. It seemed that someone (According to Craigs list) had 6 loads of firewood they were giving away. It was posted late Thursday night, by the time I got there it was gone. Just looking for some free wood for the fire pit this summer.

Brenda and I had planned to meet for lunch yesterday. (99 cent Quarter Pounders) but I still had some time to kill so I popped in on an old friend at Habitat resell shop on McKinley. I had not been there since they had moved. If you can't find it construction wise at Habitat you wont be able to find it. Great prices and great merchandise, you really need to check it out.

Brenda and I met for lunch and then I went to the south side of South Bend to see if I could cash these checks. You guessed it, they are not cashable as of yet. I can't even cash them at Walmart because this guy has passed too many bad checks. Please keep praying.

When I got home from that extravaganza I worked a little on the front flower garden. Last year I had an issue with my lillies and my iris's falling on my shorter flowers up front. so I drove a couple of stakes in the ground, screwed in metal eyes and went to run my wire. My wire was missing, I probably spent a good half hour looking for it. Finally gave up and went to my local hardware store "Hardware Plus", they had a wire solution for me that cost a dollar and came with its own cutter. So then I got the wire ran.

I came inside and finsihed my resume', the kids and Brenda came home from their day. Sarah babysat for some neighbors, its sad to think that my 14 year is the only one of the family that is working right now. Makes me feel about this high. (as I take my finger and thumb and show you they are about 2 inches apart)

In the evening we went over to the inlaws for supper and came home to relax. officially my NCAA bracket is shot. I had Marquette going all the way. My 16 year old son however has called the upsets and as far as I know (as of 10 last night) he was still perfect. Makes me sick.

Today is another day, and God is in charge of it. Not going to get much done out side, snow is predicted. So until next time , keep the faith and trust in God.

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