Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 8 Wednesday

Some have accused me of being Whiney on here. Telling me no one wants to hear my problems. If you don't want to hear it stop reading right now. I am not putting stuff on here to whine but to let you know what I am going through so you can pray and so that others can learn from my struggles.
Wednesday morning, looked on the internet and didn't find any additional jobs. Sometimes I feel like I am spinning my wheels. I do know this is all in God's plan so I am not doing anything in vain. I pray and try to follow God's leading.
Ran to the library to return Brendas library books and my CD's.
Still waiting on word on the checks, praying it happens soon. We did manage to get enough for rent for the next two weeks. unemployment will hopefully start soon.
Worked on slides for Sunday and then went to church to work in the childrens department and get things together for worship on Sunday. Watched Paige Miles get kicked off American Idol last night. Next week is R&B and Soul, that will be so excellent.

Today have numerous things on my plate, hope I can get half of them done. Until next time I am keeping the faith and trusting in God.

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