Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 4 - Saturday

A Great an Glorious Sunday morning to you.
I did get a little sleep last night as a result of a sleep aid. Yesterday morning after Brenda got out of bed we went to the Library and came home. While Brenda and her mom went to the store to do some grocery shopping (Her first time with a fist full of coupons) I stayed home a went though the online mess called . of the 840 some jobs in my area only about 100 of them were real jobs, the rest were these work at home crap. What a waste of time to weed through all those. also tried a few of the job sites that I used 5 years ago to hunt for jobs. Some take you over to national, better known sites now. (Must have been boughten out) while others are no longer employment sites at all.
In the afternoon, while looking at employment sites I also enjoyed some NCAA basketball, both mens and womens. Late afternoon evening I fixed supper for the family (hotdogs and baked beans) and then we sat down and watched Uncle Buck.
Overall not a productive day. I didn't mention that the in-laws and my kids dog Billy ended up with a bloody paw yesterday morning. So Brenda and I went over and wrapped that with an ace wrap until it quit bleeding and Jon and I did manage to sneek out of the house to have his NCAA XBox 360 game buffed over at Media Mad House and ran over to Walmart to get a couple cleaning sponges and some ice cream bars.
So today Is another day. I file my unemployment claim, and try to find another job.
until next time Keep the faith and trust in God.

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