Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greetings, it is Monday morning and I am here to recap the day yesterday.

In the morning we went to church and I spent a great morning with the Lord. The worship music seemed to hit true and others problems that were prayed for made mine look so small. I know God is there and that He is working on my behalf. I know that and I praise Him during these difficult times.

In case you were wondering... the sign in the picture has not been altered in anyway. Saturday my son and I were going to get his game polished and had to turn around to take this picture. I understand from friends on facebook that it read -142 in the early morning hours. That is just crazy, BTW my facebook address is!/wolf4d
Yesterday, job surch wise was a bust. Only found one job that I am only a little qualified for. SO I will send that out today. After church we went over to the inlaws for turkey roast (gotta love meals with high sodium and low nutritional content) then came home. about an hour into job searching and relaxing my 16 year old announced that his Xbox 360 wasn't reading any discs, this is the xbox 360 we got less than a month ago. (The 2nd used system from game stop).
they exchanged it without any problem and carried the warranty over to the new system and it seems to work fine.
Came home and read the paper and looked for jobs. That is were I found the one job that I am just barely qualified. Did manage to see part of the Notre Dame womens game, watched Purdue win (Boiler up). Last night watched Extreme Makeover Home Edition (and cried), watched Undercover Boss (every CEO needs to do this activity with or without cameras) and then went to bed.
Today I am spending the morning with my wife and I let you know about that tomorrow.Until then keep the faith and trust in God.

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