Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 6 Its a Monday

Spent the morning with Brenda. Started the day off running to McDonalds and ordering off the dollar menu and then Brenda had to get some spanish books so we went over to the Western Avenue Saint Joseph County Library to get those. Walked around a Spanish market on Western also, very nice store.

I really enjoyed the one on one time with Brenda yesterday Morning. We then headed over to Bethel as she had a class at 1:00 pm. I stayed in the little coffee shop on campus and read the paper and talked basketball.

No, in case you are wondering, I couldnt cash my checks yet. It really is making me quite upset. maybe on Tuesday, we will see.

Came home in the afternoon and did job searching on the computer. Made breakfast for supper (Fried taters, scrambled eggs and sausage ,links)

relaxed while watching Chuck, Trauma and then Law and Order. While watching I also did job searches on line.

God does have a plan, I am waiting for Him to reveal it to me.

Until then I will keep the faith and trust in God.

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